how much electric scooters cost to charge

How Much Does It Cost To Run Electric Scooters? Find Out Now!

So you are wondering ‘How much does it cost to run electric scooters?’. Carry on reading to find out.

The world is moving from traditional petrol and diesel based vehicles to environment friendly electric vehicles. These vehicles are better for the environment as these do not release toxic gases and chemicals which pollute the environment.

With raise in popularity of electric vehicles, electric scooters are also becoming very well-known across the world.

Electric scooters use clean energy

electric scooters use clean energy

Electric scooters do not use any fuel, instead they use clean energy: electricity. E-scooters come with a built in battery which can be removed and replaced if required. The battery needs to be charged after every few rides.

The cost of charging an electric scooter depends on various factors

The cost of charging varies. This mostly depends on:

Make and model of e-scooter

Type and capacity of the battery

Electric scooter battery range on a single charge

electric scooter battery capacity

The range which electric scooters provides on a full charge also varies. This depends on many different factors such as:

capacity of the battery

maximum speed the e-scooter can travel at

maximum user load it can handle

type of ground where e-scooter will be driven e.g. uphill / downhill

whether electric scooter can restore any energy while braking or coasting

Average battery range of electric scooters

Most electric scooter can provide a range of  20 miles to 40 miles on a single charge.

On an average an electric scooter takes around 2 to 4 hours to fully charge. Most scooters have a max speed of 15.5 mph while some can reach a speed of 40 mph or greater.

Electric scooter can accelerate very quickly on a level ground. However, acceleration can be little bit slower on an uphill surface. The drop in acceleration depends on steepness of the surface.

So, How much does it cost to charge electric scooters?

how much electric scooters cost to run

The battery capacity of electric scooters varies from 250w to 1000w or greater.

An electric scooter with 250w battery can provide a total milage of around 10 miles on a single charge. Whereas electric scooter with larger capacity of a battery can give 30 to 40 miles on a single charge.

On an average electric scooter battery capacity is around 500Wh, with top speed reaching 15.5 mph or greater.

Electric cost per unit is commonly expressed as kWh. Currently, on an average electricity costs £0.34/kWh. 500Wh equals to 0.5kWh. It will cost £0.17 to fully charge a 500Wh electric scooter.

On an average 500Wh electric scooter will provide 25 miles range on a single charge. Which equates to 0.7 pence per mile.

electric scooters cost one pence per mile to run

Electric scooter cost 1 pence per mile

Yes, that’s true!

Electric scooter costs roughly 1 pence per mile to travel

On an average a car cost 20 pence per mile

A taxi can cost £1.50 to £3 per mile

On an average a bus can cost £0.30 per mile

So, we hope we have answered your question: ‘how much does it cost to run electric scooters?’.

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