40mph speed for electric scooters on public road

Are you looking for 40 mph electric scooters?

So, you are planning to buy an electric scooter but unsure what is the optimal top speed you should go for. 40 mph electric scooters are available to buy from many online retailers. However, before you buy one – you need to make sure you are aware where you can legally drive them.

Electric scooters are becoming preferable choice for many commuters in larger cities – to avoid traffic and raising parking costs.

electric scooters are ecofriendly

E-scooters are eco-friendly alternative to fuel-powered vehicles

Many of the electric scooters are portable and easy to carry around – so you do not need to worry about raising parking costs in bigger cities. In long run, it also saves you a substantial amount on maintenance and running costs.

E-scooters are quick way of getting around towns for short commutes. However, currently, a big concern around electric scooter is safety of their users, pedestrians and other road users.

Read on before you buy 40 mph electric scooters

are electric scooters legal in UK

Currently, it is not legal to ride any privately owned electric scooter on any public roads, cycle lanes or pedestrian areas.

Electric scooter for rent as a part of trials

You must have seen e-scooters available to rent in some of the bigger cities in UK. These e-scooters are available as a part of a trail which is under way in quite a few of the big cities. The maximum speed on these scooters is limited to 15.5 miles per hour for safety reasons. However, there are plans to reduce this to 12.5 miles per hour. Therefore, currently, 40 mph electric scooters or any other privately owned electric scooters are not legally allowed on public roads.

Where can I ride 40mph electric scooters?

riding 40 mph electric scooters off road

As trials are still under way, there is yet no confirmation on what will be the legal maximum speed on public roads. As rental e-scooters are currently limited to 15.5 miles per hour, this is a great chance the maximum speed would be similar to current speed of 15.5mph for public safety.

Therefore, currently, 40 miles per hour scooters can only be driven off-road with the permission of land owner, with essential safety gear.

Do not forget to read FAQ’s on electric scooters in this guide.

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